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Completed Projects

Since we set up as a Charity we have developed a range of different projects and collaborations. Some have a clear end with a well defined business plan leading towards self-funded sustainability Our first such project was The Children's Health Centre in Tallinding. Our support, both financial and through a mentoring scheme, enabled the project to be run entirely by the local community in a wholly sustainable format.

Other projects were much more specific such as responding to a particular and sometimes urgent need. Our work with Eye Care For All and Japalleh Foundation reflected this model.    


Our connection to the Health Centre began in the early days of aidgambiaTCHC. Our involvement with the Centre developed in establishing a five year plan centred around Capacity Buiilding. We worked with the staff on a mentoring programme that aimed to build the skills of the the staff ad volunteers along with the local community to ensure the future of the Centre culminating in its forward operation as a self-funding, sustainable local project.

We are very proud of the achievements of the staff and volunteers we worked alongside.

Eye Care For All
Field Trip - July 2019

On 2nd July 2019 The most ready volunteers of ECFA travelled to the northern part of the country, CRR (Central River Region), Kaur on a Cataract Surgery Camp. aidgambiaTCHC supported this field trip with matched funding. 


Eye Care For All
COVID-19 Prison Mask Project  - June to November 2020

aidgambiaTCHC supported ECFA in the project whose aims were:


  • to provide 1,500 cloth facemasks for the prison departmentProtect people (prisoners & prison officers) in detention centres from COVID-19

  • to provide cloth facemask for prisoners and prison officers

  • to control the spread of COVID-19 in the prison


How many people benefited:

A total of seven hundred and fifty people benefited from this initiative. Some were prisoners and others were prison officers. Each beneficiary received two cloth facemasks to protect themselves from COVID-19 and stop the spread of the virus in cases that were infected.

For the completed report submitted Dec 2020

Japalleh Foundation

Community Health Fair - October 2023

aidgambiaTCHC provided matched funding with Japalleh Foundation to put on the Fair on 28th October 2023. This was an open event to raise awareness around many health issues faced by the community. Professionals were on hand to monitor blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The issue of drug addiction and its impact on individuals and families was discussed, particularly among the youth.  

Japalleh 2.jpg

A total of 115 people attended including 30 young adults between the ages of 12 and 18. Consultations with medication were carried out by medical students supervised and assisted by a nurse.

To download the report

We look forward to our next collaboration ....

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