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Working with Partners in The Gambia

SUSTAINABILITY is the most important target for aidgambiaTCHC. To this end, we are very keen to work with existing Charities and organisations currently operating in The Gambia. Where appropriate this will be to provide match funding for a one off event.


We will also support organisations to build capacity and we  aim to establish the sustainability of ongoing work.

One of the roles of our Clinical Advisors is to look for such opportunities to be explored by the Trustees particularly when they visit the country.


Japalleh Healthcare Foundation

Japalleh Health Care Foundation is a non-profit making charitable organisation as well as a Non-Governmental Organisation, with the goal of assisting the needy and under privileged people of the Gambia and non-citizens by providing them with accessible and affordable health and medical care without any distinction or discrimination.

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A specific objective of the Foundation is the provision of essential and affordable health care services where clinical services are acutely lacking or insufficient. To this end aidgambiaTCHC supported the Heath Fair in Oct 2023  

We look forward to our next collaboration ....

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Eye Care for All

Eye Care For All (ECFA) is a community-based organisation that provides free individualised home-based and community eye care services for the less privileged, the elderly, refugees, people with disabilities, orphans and prisoners in The Gambia.

ECFA is a non-profit Association registered as an NGO.


COVID-19 Project  - June - November 2020

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  • to provide 1,500 cloth facemasks for the prison departmentProtect people (prisoners & prison officers) in detention centres from COVID-19

  • to provide cloth facemasks for prisoners and for prison officers

  • to control the spread of COVID-19 in the prison service

How many people benefited:

A total of seven hundred and fifty people benefited from this initiative. Some were prisoners and others were prison officers. Each beneficiary received two cloth facemasks to protect themselves from COVID-19 and stop the spread of the virus in cases that were infected.

aidgambiaTCHC supported ECFA in the project whose aims were:

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