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Youth Health via Sport

The Vision

‘The lack of support for sport and recreation’ was identified as ‘one of the key areas that hinders economic development in The Gambia’ by a UNICEF report in 2021.  It is safe to say it is through no lack of effort on the part of ordinary people. When you walk the beach, you come across many individuals and groups of Gambians putting themselves through personalised fitness regimes. It is a fact - you do not come across many overweight Gambians!


Health is the focus of aidgambia The Community Health Charity and we encourage youth participation in sport. Our Clinical Adviser, Lamin, was a keen footballer and is heavily involved in the running and organisation of the famous Yarambamba Football Academy. The Trustees have another long time friend Bas, who is well known for the time, effort and dedication he provides to his AVIC Football Academy in his free time. It all seems a natural fit to support both these Academies.

Our Partners

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Football Academy

Yarambamba Football Academy

Future Partner News

 Momodou Bashirou BESSANE

 affectionately known as 'Bas', manages the AVIC Football Academy.

Bas has a licence to coach at academy level from the Gambian Football Association (GFA) and is passionately committed to running training sessions for over 55 keen footballers every Saturday!


 In 2020 there were 61 registered players. Bas organises sessions for three age groups – under 12s, 14s, and 17s.

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We are always exploring ideas for well suited partners to work with on new projects.

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Supplying Equipment

Key health concerns among young Gambians are hypertension and diabetes.


For over 5 years, aidgambiaTCHC has supported the Academy  by providing footballs and training equipment to help promote physical well-being among the youth of The Gambia.


The Trustees’ Clinical Advisors, Lamin and Chernor, are assisting AVIC Football Academy by organising First Aid training and equipment for the coaches. To further promote awareness of the risks of hypertension and diabetes among the young, they arrange health-awareness football matches with other academies.

For more photos please click here to take you to Football Equipment Gallery

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Youth Health Cup

We had the idea of running a Youth Health Cup. The first was in March 2022 (AVIC losing 2-0) and the second took place in November 2023 (AVIC LOSING 3-0 this time). What made this second occasion very emotional was the impeccably observed minute’s silence for a 15 year old boy who would have been wearing his AVIC team’s no. 3 shirt if he had not drowned at sea the week before trying to cross to The Canaries. This boy had been attending the Academy from 6 years of age.

The success of these events is clear to see and we will continue support for this annual event. 

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