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The Bendon Bursarians

At the start of 2024 there were ELEVEN Bursarians ; FOUR have graduated and seven are still studying. The number will grow as we see more enthusiasm for pusuing education, particularly among women. Our last five successful applicants have all been women. Details of all our Bursarians, past and present, can be seen below. A Bendon Bursary is given in confidence and understandably not all recipients may wish to share their story.  We have included short blogs to give an idea of who we are supporting and the impact a Bursary can have.

For more Information about the Bendon Bursary itself click here

01   Chernor H JALLOW

Studying Masters Degree in China

Chernor Past Bursarian page USE DO NOT DELETE

Chernor was the first Bendon Bursary recipient in 2019 when he was in the second year of his degree. The Trustees were able to provide him with a laptop during their visit of November 2019. Although he had started his final year, the hardware proved invaluable. He graduated in July 2020 with BSc. in Public and Environmental Health but his graduation ceremony was delayed until January 2021. Even then it was COVID restricted with no family and friends in attendance. He is currently studying a Masters course in China and has received another bursary. He is based in Guangzhou, not far from Hong Kong. Chernor set up the Bendon Bursary WhatsApp group which has helped forge a group identity and support group. He has served as a key link and initiator of collaboration between aidgambia and ECFA  Charities although that is on hold while he is in China. He also acts as Clinical Advisor to the Trustees (CAT).

Jane Gay, interviewed Chernor in Dec 2018 and the full interview can be downloaded by clicking here

02   Lamin NJIE

Nurse, Cardiology Unit at Banjul Hospital

Lamin Bursary picture used DO NOT DELETE.jpeg

LAMIN is a name you find in many Gambian families as it means first born male. This particular Lamin graduated in May 2022 in BSc in Nursing/ General BSN degree course from the American International University of West Africa (AIUWA) Lamin is looking to specialise in geriatrics or paediatrics.

He has received five bursaries so far  - the first of which was in January 2019.

He also received a re conditioned laptop in January 2020 and sent us the following message at the time,

"Grateful and great to know you all OK. The laptop is just super I can't express how much good it's to me’.


Lamin is now looking to further his qualifications by studying for an MA. First of all he has to sit the IELTS exams and an aidgambia Bendon Bursary is helping with that.

03   Ebrima K JALLOW

Epidemiology and Disease Control Officer

No 3 Bursarian Ebrima K Jallow.jpg

In May 2021, Ebrima K. JALLOW completed his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of The Gambia. He presently works for the Ministry of Health of The Gambia as an Epidemiology and Disease Control Officer (EDCO). Additionally, in August 2023, he graduated at the Intermediate level of the Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP).
He served as the deputy team lead for the COVID-19 program's Rapid Response Team, which oversaw conducting investigations and contact tracing during the pandemic.

In 2022, he led the response to a measles outbreak and was also instrumental in the Acute Kidney Injury Investigations that hit The Gambia.

His goal is to pursue a Master's degree in Medical Anthropology and Field Epidemiology.

As Ebrima prepared to begin his third year of undergraduate studies in June 2020, he applied for a Bendon Bursary. Although late to assist him in his studies, aidgambia supported him financially and also materially with a Laptop, which helped him graduate. He is currently using the laptop for his work, and this is greatly helping him complete his expected tasks.

05   Naffisatou SAIDYKHAN

Naffisatou is on a 3 year General Nurse and Midwifery Training Programme at The School for Enrolled Nurses and Midwives. Naffisatou has the honour of being the first female to receive the Bendon Bursary. Her course was delayed by one year due to COVID restrictions.  Naffisatou received a laptop from aidgambia in April 2022.

07   Nfamara SANYANG

Nfamara is now in his 4th year of medical studies after getting one year credit for a completed BSc in Nursing. In June 2023 he underwent the ‘White Coat Ceremony’ when student doctors are allowed to wear the distinctive garment. He received a laptop from aidgambia in April 2022 and Nfamara has gone on record to say he “loves that machine”. Nfamara is looking to be an eye specialist. Alongside his studies he is an active volunteer in ECFA Charity for which he led the ECFA  COVID 19 Prison Mask Project  which was match funded by aidgambia. He still has a few more years of study until he qualifies.

04  Karafa (Jassy) MARONG

Studying Masters Degree in China

No 4 Bursarian Karafa Marong_edited.jpg

Jassy heard about the Bendon Bursary during his final academic year through aidgambia’s Clinical Advisor Chernor Jallow. They had both been worked at the Eye Care for All (ECFA) Charity at that time. Jassy applied for and received his bursary in November 2020. In response he wrote, “I received the money from Chernor in November 2020. I am very grateful for receiving such a great gesture from you. You contributed immensely to my educational career which will have an impact a long way in my future. I thank you and the entire group for your kind support you rendered to me. Wish you all the best in life”. 

Jassy graduated with a BSc in Nursing and Public and Environmental Health from the University of The Gambia in July 2021. aidgambia was only able to supply him with a reconditioned laptop in April 2022 which was after he had graduated. At least Jassy had some useful hardware to assist him in his workplace.

Jassy’s aim is to become a surgeon specialising in cataracts. He continues to be actively involved with ECFA, volunteering weekend surgeries, often up country involving complicated travel. He also acts as an ECFA Communications Officer. His work with ECFA has involved him attending meetings with aidgambia trustees establishing some partnership projects

06   Maimuna NJIE

Maimuna is in the 1st year of her HND studies in Public and Environmental Health at The Gambia College. She started her course in January 2021 and is aiming to move on to study for a full degree. Maimuna experiences travel difficulties as it takes 1.5 hours to get to The Gambia College, the Bursary certainly helps to cover these costs.  Maimuna received a laptop from aidgambia in April 2022.

08   Alieu JADAMA

Alieu is on a 3 year BSc in Public and Environmental Health at the University of The Gambia after completing his HND in Public Health. He has been working 6 years for the Gambian Ministry of Health and has been engaged in mass birth registration project. He received a laptop from aidgambia in April 2022.

09   Fatoumatta (Fatima) KONTEH

Please check back later as we are we finalising the details with Fatima so that she happy with her profile ...............................

11   Kumba BUWARO

Please check back later as we are we finalising the details with Kumba so that she happy with her profile ...............................

10   Binta S COLLEY

Binta is the tenth successful applicant and received her bursary in November 2023 alongside Fatima above. She is a mature student and has managed to follow her studies while bringing up three children

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