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Patients' Stories


The treatment


July 10th 2018

Chernor Jallow and Lamin Cessay tend a

patient with a severe head wound. The series

of photos show the process of initial

examination, sterilisation , stitching and exit.


July 14th 2018


TCHC staff tended to an 8 year old girl who presented

with significant burns to both legs.

December 2016 


This is Mariama. She is lying on the couch feeling totally drained of energy. After the consultation, Yahya the State Enrolled Nurse, is in a position to detail the symptoms:

  • Mariama has a fever of 37.8 and she suffers from:

    • Headaches

    • Joint pains

    • Abdominal pain

    • Loss of appetite – she vomited after her breakfast

    • Lack of sleep

  • Mariam has tested Malaria positive and so is now on a 4 hour quinine drip with 50% (50ml) – glucose mix

  • She will be given oral tablets to take home – paracetemol, a Coartem prescription and, because an ulcer has also been identified, she will be given Omeprazole.

August 2015


A case shared by the Centre:

A 19 years old was seen seen screaming outside while waiting for her turn. We ask her to come inside so that we help. upon arriving in our small ward she got fainted.
At this point we decide to board her infusion. when she became conscious, she told us that she acute abdominal pain due her mensuration. When asked why she decided to come alone, she told us she is not actually staying with born parents but she did explained her condition to the woman she stays with and others in the family but no one was taking an action. To help. It is at this she decided to come alone. While on her way to the clinic ; one woman, a vendor was the one who gave her 50 dalasis for the ticket.
It was really sad. We can’t ask her to pay for the infusion and the drugs after knowing her condition. This is one out of the many cases we see on daily basis. We never considered this as a lost because we know that our objective is to safe life and promote health and with the help of donors we can continue to safe the lives of the less privildged people in our community. With you on our side the sky is the limit in terms of good service delivery to our clients.
We will also like to take this opportunity to thank the woman for helping the girl.


December 2014 We continue to meet stories on a weekly basis. For the young boy I talked about earlier in the year, he arrived to the clinic alone without any escort and no money. He looked restless at the time of arrival. Despite he has no money with him, our priority is to save people’s life. For this reason, the young boy was given full attention. Even the drug that was prescribed to him to buy outside was taken care of by the facility. This is the sort of issues that we are seeing every day. The clinic has to intervene again in the case of a pregnant woman who also came with similar stories. This among others can be related to social problems, socio-economic problems, poverty etc. It is for this reason that I myself take up the challenge to study social in order to help address some of such problems related to social issues. But this can only be possible with the support of people like you. Also issues of children reporting to the facility with lots of skin rashes or teared clothes. A need for sensitization on personal hygiene is paramount. This will be possible with the use of media ads during immunization when a lot of mothers will bring their children for immunizations. Airtime on the radio will go a long way in helping us attain the NGO status as giving information to the people will a positive effect on their health behaviour. Airtime is needed on the Radio. March 2014 A patient of 6 yrs we referred to an eye specialist on Monday returned back to the health facility with her prescription for help as she cannot afford the bill for the prescribed drugs. Going by the mission of the project we decided to buy the drugs for her. We wish we can help on bills of people who cannot afford to pay for their drugs. It is all possible when there are reliable people down there working hard to help.

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