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The TCHC Team

Staffing is kept to a minimum in order to maximise money for medicine. 



Sheikh Tijan TOURAY

TCHC Manager


Sheikh is better known as TJ. He worked closely with the German founding charity to set up and establish the Centre. He has been managing it from the beginning. Previously, he worked for the Council as a tax collector; this is when he learnt his accounting skills and how to handle money. Be assured that any money you may donate is in safe hands despite the amount of juggling he has to do!


TJ is fully committed to the Centre and the community it serves…NO-ONE is turned away. His key aim is that the Centre will expand to provide ante-natal care especially as there are only three places that offer this provision in the whole country. This project will also provide badly needed extra revenue to ensure the future of TCHC. TJ is married with three boys.

5,000 Dalasi

£80 = one month’s wages

Jainaba BAH

TCHC Reception


Jainaba has just joined the Centre so once we have some information about her we will post it up. We should be able to interview her in November. By then she will have settled in to her new post!

1,500 Dalasi

£25 = one month’s wages

Ebrima SUNDU

Laboratory technician


Ibrahim originates from Sierre Leone, West Africa. He was trained in-house by other lab technicians at the Lamin Health Centre. Ibrahim is married with an 7 year old girl called Miatta; his second child was born in the new year, 2017.  


His dream is to get sponsorship to study a 3 year, university, lab technician course. Ibrahim lives in the same village as Lamin above and he joined Lamin at the Centre one month after it opened.

3000 Dalasi

£50 = month’s wage

Chernor JALLOW

Nurse: Public Health Officer


Chernor graduated with an HND in 2014 as a Gambian Public Health Nurse. He is the first in the family to attend college and work in his ‘beloved’ health field. In 2016, he enrolled, committing half his annual salary, on a four year BSc degree at The University of The Gambia. Chernor started work at Tallinding Children’s Health Centre (TCHC) way back in 2013 as a volunteer. After his studies, he returned in 2017 as a key member of full time staff. During all these years, he has completed many in-service professional training courses to assist his dream of contributing to the welfare of the children of the Gambia.


He is single, the second born in his family and the first male child. He enjoys medical books and Shakespeare and watching series and films like 24 hours, Merlin and Designated Survivor. He loves Arsenal and Real Madrid as football clubs but insists he is no glory hunter! He keeps fit by playing football and volley ball and eating fruit and veg – his favourite food. In July 2018, In July 2018 Chernor became the first recipient of The Bendon Bursary.

Can you see a resemblance to a famous athlete?!!

4,000 Dalasi

£65 = one month’s wages


Laboratory technician


Lamin is the name given to the male first born in the family.  Lamin was also the first technician at the Centre – he has been here from the beginning – 5 years to date!  


He has two daughters, Mariana 5 and Zainaba, 1 year old.  He travels 3 km to work each day and he claims to be a ‘real’ Man United supporter…

3000 Dalasi

£50 = month’s wage


Pharmacy Dispenser


Awa has worked at the Centre for 6 years. She works from 8.30 – 4.30 six days a week. For the past three years, she has been working as a nursing assistant after having been trained in-house by the nurses. She dispenses the medicine form the pharmacy. Awa would love to study a 3 year full-time course at the School of Nursing but the cost is too much for her.


Awa takes two taxi rides to get to work and it takes her about 30 minutes. Awa lives with her mum, has a girl called Aisha and her favourite food is Okra soup with palm oil.

2,500 Dalasi

£40 = month’s wages

Mariama KINTEH

Volunteers in the Pharmacy


Mariama started at the Centre at the beginning of 2016 and her wish is to train as a nurse. She feels that gaining experience in this setting will help her application.

1,000 Dalasi

£15 = month’s wages

2x Cleaners

TCHC Maintenance

Heavenly Sky

£13 = a month’s wages for one person

Ibrima Badjie



Ibrima has been working at the Centre for a few years now. Initially, he worked for no money as there was some confusion about funding. He sees himself as a local man helping his local community where he has lived the whole of his life – a Tallinding lifer!


Ibrima has 4 boys and 4 girls and three wives – one the widow of his deceased brother. He has 2 married daughters and 4 grandchldren with 2 daughters still studying.

1,500 Dalasi

£25 = month’s wages

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